Who are we and how did Saftladen come to be? The idea was created by founding owner Daniel Korn. Together with his partner, Saftladen doors opened January 2017. Beginning in a small, cozy location, with no more than 14 seats, Saftladen slowly built its brand and customer loyalty. Saftladen began with only a handful of smoothies, a different soup a week and various spreads for our delicious fresh baked bread. Daniel and his partner were looking to create a restaurant in Landshut with a new atmosphere, a `living room ́ feel where you always felt at home. With quality ingredients, sought after recipes and an inimitable atmosphere, Saftladen slowly began gaining popularity and respect throughout gastronomy. Daniel’s fiance, Danielle joined the team late in 2017. Coming from Canada she was passionate about fresh, whole foods and how to successfully brand this concept in Germany. With her cultural knowledge and educational background she was able to transform the menu, bringing new fresh ideas to the brand. It soon became apparent that Saftladen’s location was too small for our growing needs. Which brings us to our booming location in the Schirmgasse. Daniel and his partner Danielle were excited to embark on a new opportunity, allowing them to expand the menu, provide outdoor seating and increase staff levels. Saftladen’s first year in the Schirmgasse, Landshut was full of fun, great events, new vendors, catering, product launches, endless reservations and new faces to join the Saftladen family. Saftladen continues to always look for ways to grow, while protecting its brand. With a strong team in place, Daniel and Danielle are excited to embark on new opportunities of expansion. As of summer 2021, Saftladen is now offering franchise opportunities. They look forward to expanding the team, sharing ideas and philosophy about healthy living in an easily achievable, sustainable and affordable way! For further information about franchising opportunities, check out Saftladen’s website for details and contact information.

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